The Real World: An In-Depth Look at Reality TV

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In today's society, the line that distinguishes reality and fantasy is, perhaps, more hazy than ever before. This most certainly can be seen by simply opening up a TV guide and observing the number of "reality-based  television shows which we have at our disposal. From game-shows to talk shows, talent contests to funny videos, wild animal attacks to "Cops , one could certainly argue that reality TV is nothing short of a phenomenon.

It's somewhat difficult to pinpoint exactly how or when this craze stared. Some say that we need not look any further than the ever-growing popularity of the home-video camera. It was with this device that we, as society, were able to witness everything from the Rodney King beating to "freak  boating accidents. One program, in particular, that capitalized on the proliferation of the camcorder was "America's Funniest Home Videos.  The show, which debuted in 1990, "caught parents shamelessly exploiting their tumbling toddlers and costumed cocker-spaniels for the chance of winning $10,000  (Rowen). Since then, several spin-offs have been attempted for both daytime and primetime viewing hours, but none have enjoyed the suc

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