Centennial Park

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Australian Studies History Assignment

Centennial Park was created in 1888 to mark the centenary of colonisation of the British Empire, and it is Sydney's only example of an English-style suburban park. The character of the park's statues and traditional buildings is predominantly Victorian, the era in which it was designed.

The significance of Centennial Park is three-fold: firstly, as a landmark of the times of the mid-late 19th century, secondly as a ňúpark for the people' and thirdly as the site of federation.

Early Centennial Park: A Water supply?

The site on which Centennial Park now exists was originally called Lachlan Swamp, an extensive swamp 3.6 kilometres in length, was set aside in 1811 to prevent people grazing their animals on the land. By 1827, Lachlan Swamp was being used as a site for the drawing of Sydney's water but its ability to supply water was overestimated, and its inadequacy was shown during a drought in 1838. Other problems included mismanagement by the City of Sydney Council, overgrazing by cattle and horses, dumping of pollutants and removal of loam and stone. In 1852 Lachlan waters was downgraded from servicing the 38,358 Sydneysiders in favour of the Botany site, but c

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