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The Lay of the Werewolf

            Is there any way to pinpoint one event in life which is able to affect every following experience? Often in literature, the life of a main character is forever changed as a result of a specific event in the character’s experience. From the works read, Marie De France’s French short story, “The Lay of the Werewolf,” best illustrates how Bisclavret’s life is changed as a result of a specific event, how this change affects other characters, and how the event affects the overall work.
             To begin with, Bisclavret’s life is drastically changed as a result of one small occurrence. This event, which seems so small at the time, is Bisclavret’s decision to tell his wife what his secret is. As a result of Bisclavret revealing his secret, he is forced to remain in the form of a werewolf. This causes Bisclavret sorrow because if he is caught in werewolf form, he will be hunted down and killed. Bisclavret’s werewolf form eventually leads him into a friendship with the king. After Bisclavret gains the loyalty of the king, he meets his wife and bites off her nose. This is something that he never would have done in human form. Therefore, Bisclavret’s stupidity in revealing his secret was an event that changes the course of his life forever.
             Coincidentally, this event affects the lives and experiences of many other characters. For instance, Bisclavret’s wife betrays him because he reveals his secret. This betrayal leads Bisclavret’s wife into marrying the knight. Because Bisclavret shows rationality in his werewolf form, the king gains his friendship and loyalty. Bisclavret’s wife’s nose is bitten off because she betrayed Bisclavret. As a result of her nose being bitten off, she is shunned by the royalty, and must live with this mark of her betrayal. Also, the knight is humiliated and exiled because he assisted in Bisclavret’s forced imprisonment in the form of a werewolf.