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Pratical Approach To Proving The Existance Of God

Practical Approach to Proving the Existence of God

The existence of God is something that most people take for fact. How ever there are those in our society that simply need proof. There are many reasons for their need for proof, ranging from being analytical, logical and not seeing the logic in the existence in such a being. To simply not understanding how a “God” as Christians define Him, can possibly allow the horrible things in this world happen.

I think the best way to start this paper is to define the “Being” that I am attempting to prove exist. In the Christian world, He is called by many names including God, Yahweh, and Jehovah. In other religions, He may be called by names like: Buddha and Allah. It’s my belief that we are all talking about the same being. In all cases, no matter the name or the way that he is worshiped, God is thought of as the Alpha and the Omega, meaning the beginning and the end.

God had no start and will be the end, to put a very uncomprehendable topic into a simple statement. God is believed to be all knowing and all-powerful. This is where the Thesis comes into conflict with the Atheist who asks, “how can God let horrible things happen?” An extension of the reason why such an atheist can’t believe is the idea that God is a kind being.

In addressing the conflict of the book of Genesis and the scientific theory of the start of the universe. A very simple argument comes to mind, the causal argument. The idea of a causal argument is as simple as the scientific law of “cause and effect, or action reaction.” Its simple, anything that happens is caused by something else. It’s my newfound belief that the book of Genesis is not to be taken literally. Who is to say that the explanations God gave for the beginning of time weren’t greatly simplified for the feeble minds of ancient times. In addition who is to s

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