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             Have you ever wondered what the people have to do to make a plane take off a .
             ship? Well I interviewed my grandfather, cause he was a pilot about 50 years ago, back in .
             Russia. And this is what he had to say.
             When an aircraft is launched off the flight deck of a ship at the beginning of the day, .
             it starts off by fueling up. While the plane is fueling up the pilots are down below in their .
             ready rooms getting briefed from their commanders for the days mission. The wind speed .
             is checked by the ships crew on the bridge where they steer the ship, if there is no wind the .
             ship speeds up to make just the right amount of wind and then reports to the pilot’s that the .
             wind is at the correct speed and the ship is in ready for launch time. The pilot’s then get .
             suited up and head up to the flight deck and do a walk-around their plane to see for any .
             loose or damaged parts. They then get into the cockpit (were the pilot sits) and prepare for .
             flight. The plane is then started by a huffer which is attached to a tow tractor. A huffer is .
             like a small jet engine itself, it blows air into the plane through the engine, one engine at a .
             time. Once the plane is started it is ready for flight, the tie-down chains are removed from .
             the plane, and the wheel chains are removed from around the wheels by the aircraft .
             handlers. The plane is then directed to the direction of the take of by the aircraft director .
             with two aircraft handlers, one on each side. The plane is then positioned and ready for .
             take of. Once the plane hooked up and all personnel are clear the catapult makes the right .
             amount of steam and then the catapult operator pushes the button to launch the plane. The .
             pilot drives the plane slowly to one end of the ship, turns around, sends a signal that he’s .
             ready, everybody moves out of the way, the plane picks up some speed and take of, the .
             plane is safely took of. When the pilot is trying to land the plane back on the ship, he has to .