Rap Censorship

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Rap should not be censored because everybody has the right to their freedom of speech, as it is in Section 2 of Charter of Rights and Freedoms. "Us as rappers express our thoughts and the whole world is after us.  (pg. 171, Sexton) Rap has done a lot to our world; as a result our society has improved. Laws are stated for music censorship. Rap censorship is wrong; there are cases, songs, and interview to prove that. A lot of people think that rap music promotes violence and that it is negative to the society! While so much emphasis is placed on the detrimental effects of some rap music, there's little acknowledgment of rap's positive cultural contribution and social activism. Jive's KRS-One, known to his community as "The Teacher  is just one example of the good work being done. KRS-One now lectures at universities such as Harvard, Yale, Vassar and Stanford on his philosophies "The deepest part of being black is being African. The deepest part of being African is being human,  he has started. "The deepest part of being human is being universal. And the deepest part of being universal is being balanced. It's all according to where to start and stop studying.  The

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