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Reflective Journal Summary

             I learned a lot using the different techniques for journal writing. Using the different techniques gave me the opportunity to experiment with my own writing. I enjoyed doing the journal entries because it got me out of the habit of the boring "note-taking" mechanism. While taking notes during reading, I always found myself doing a summary of the reading. I had more fun experimenting with the different journal entries, and found it to be more meaningful and easier to understand the text.
             The Learning Log entry for the Internet book forced me to analyze the reading and recognize important issues and concepts. While doing this entry I was relating the reading to my own experience with computers and to other materials I have read about the use of the Internet. This reading provided me with a new way of looking at the use of the Internet. When I was writing the journal entry I was answering the questions I had while reading the text. Everything became clearer after writing it down.
             Doing the Double-entry Journal was easier than doing the other entries. It was easier to search for objective accounts and information in the Weaver book that I agree or didn't agree with, especially since it was about Whole Language, which is my research topic. I described my personal thoughts and reactions to the information on the left page of the journal. I also wrote about key issues from class discussion or readings on the right page of the journal. I wrote about what impressed me or annoyed me about the reading. I also thought about my beliefs and my philosophy as I was responding to the left side of the page.
             The journal entry that I spend the most time in and enjoyed the most was the Character Journal. It was challenging to do the beginning part. I didn't know what part of Ellin's journey to start writing about. I wrote and rewrote because I changed my mind frequently. Then I decided to write in

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