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Respect: a relation to or concern with something specified; an act of giving particular attention; consideration.

That's the official definition, but what does it mean to me, good question. What does it mean to me? Respect is something that should be earned not just given. There are a lot of people who do not respect others, and that is one of the things wrong with society today. The gang members who spray graffiti in their own neighborhood on other people's property, they need to be punished cause they show no respect for anyone or anything. Behavior like this probably begins at home.

Many families are single parents only so children are not taught respect in the home as in the past. They learn nothing about values, because there's no one to teach them. They pick it up from the streets instead. They learn to disrespect themselves by subjecting their bodies to drugs and alcohol. They learn to disrespect others so they can be cool, and not only people but property as well. How de we correct this, don't know. All we can do is show them respect and hope in some way they can respect us back.

Most societies show much respect for the elderly, except for the U.S. The elderly have much we could

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