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            Life would have been terribly drab if colours did not exist. I cannot imagine a world where there was a total absence of colour. It is enough for us to look at the dawn after the darkness of night to know the difference. Landscapes and seascapes take life from the different shades of greens and blues, the colours of the birds’ feathers, the different colours of fish, and the multicoloured flowers.
             We only realise what colour means in our life on a grey wintry day, when the sun does not shine and when all around us is cold. Here we stop to think what the moon must look like in all its monotony of grey or how tiring it would be to live on Mars with its constant red colour. Psychologists believe that in northern countries there is a large number of people who commit suicide simply because there is an absence of light and colour for such a long time, because of the cold dark winters. People are asked to paint their homes in “happy” colours like yellow and green to keep depressions at bay. Just think how happy we are when we see a rainbow I the skies. All those colours make up for the greyness of winter skies.
             Colours bring to mind painters. These could not exist without colours. Very often painters copy nature, other times they imagine a scene and give it imaginary colours. They light up our walls with pictures. Colours in the advertising business are extremely important. The use of certain colours and not others attracts the attention of a would-be buyer even more than words in an advertisement. Wrappers around tinned foods at Supermarkets also play an important part in the sales business and all this because of colours. Photography is also a wonderful art especially a moment in nature becomes immortalised by a clock of a camera. Fashions could not be so prominent if colours did not exist. Young men read chemistry of colours at university to be able to give us wonderful textures and shades of colours on textiles.