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             Most people think of success as getting rich or having a loving wife. But not all people think like that. Some people don't need to be rich to be successful, because they do something that other people see as memorable.
             When you think of success, you usually think of
             famous people first. In my mind, the first person that I thought of was Bill Gates. Bill Gates
             is a famous and successful person. People see him as a
             symbol of success. Most people consider him to be
             very successful. My teacher describe's, "He is just a little bit smarter than the smart person.  People only like to talk about beautiful things. Nobody we talked about had been kicked out of school. They never thought about how difficult that person had work.
             If you are a Christian, you will believe Jesus
             Christ was very successful, because he washed
             our sins away with his blood. He was crucified by
             the Romans for us. But some people who are not Christians have a different view of Jesus Christ. They may consider him a loser. Because he was not rich, was not welcomed by other people, and claimed himself to be a god. But the meaning of his success is different than our meaning of success. The meaning of his success is that he died for our sins on the cross.
             For myself, success is getting respect from my friends. I don't need to get rich to become
             successful. I don't want my name to be memorable to other people. I just want to have a happy family and a loving wife of my own. That is my definition of success.
             People have their own definition of success. Some
             people think success is money, and some people think that success is fame.

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