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Hayden Carruth's poem, "In the Long Hall  depicts the unraveling life of a man who sees his life crumbling before his eyes and is helpless to stop it. He tries to focus on moving his life forward, but is unable to forget the damage that he has created within himself. He is unable to stop his deterioration, due to the entrapment within his own mind. He is unable to completely move forward and unable to focus on changing his lifestyle, which is self-destructive. The figurative language used in the poem assists the reader in experiencing the emotions of a desperate man life that is being conveyed by the persona.

The first lines of the poem describe the way in which the man is leading his life. It expresses the torture the man is dealing with in his own mind. He is eager to continue leading his life, but he is unable to shake the mistakes that he has created. He soon realizes that his life is beginning to "unravel  and "flaw  (2,3). While his life begins to become fu

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