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The Rough Riders

            The Rough Riders were considered as one of the unconventional cavalries in the Spanish-American War. They all came from many places, Arizona, New York, Texas, and so on. They had all come from different ways of life, rich or poor. But all of them were excited for war. All of the men who joined the Rough Riders were influenced in joining for various reasons.
             The men’s backgrounds had major influences on the reasons for them to join. They all were there for something. There was the wealthy; they were there to experience life. They had spent most of their life pampered and sheltered, and they wanted to care for themselves for a change. Then there were those who were forced to join by their parents. They were out to “defend the family’s honor”. But they also wanted to find themselves, go their own way not their family’s way. And last there were the thieves. These men had figured if they had gone to war they wouldn’t go to jail. They just wanted to take the easy way out. They just did what they had done their whole life; they ran. .
             Now these are just a few examples of the men that were in the Rough Riders; as you can see they all had different reasons for joining. But they also were all changed; they were never the same. The wealthy then looked at their way of life as a privilege. The family-forced men found “their way”, and were changed. And the thieves, they stopped running away. But even though they were from different backgrounds, they all fought well and had been brave. And those who died and those who held nothing back will always be remembered.