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Weapons Aren't Safe

             In a time filled with school shootings and terrorist attacks, we need to do whatever possible to make our society safer. With the passage of a new law, which allows ordinary citizens to carry concealed weapons, we have done the opposite. [I feel that ordinary citizens should not be able to carry guns.] Not only do they lack the training needed to use a gun, but also there is no guarantee that the guns will not fall into the wrong hands. In order for are society to be truly safe, we must leave guns to the professionals.
             Although people claim to carry guns for protection, this is only a disguise. What they are really looking for is power. A gun seems to represent this. With a gun, people feel invincible. They feel that no one can hurt them. What they fail to realize is that they are not invincible. They can be hurt, even with a gun. This can put people in dangerous situations if they try to take the law into their own hands.
             What separates a police officer from any other person with a gun is his training and experience. They not only know how to use a gun, but how to deal with criminals as well. They know exactly how and when to use their gun. For instance, what if a citizen was in a conflict with a criminal who had a gun as well? I doubt that the average citizen would know how to handle this situation. A police officer on the other hand would.
             Even though it is illegal for a felon to purchase a gun, “gaps in Michigan’s gun laws have allowed more than four hundred felons to buy firearms since 1999” (Snell 1A). This has given four hundred criminals a chance to commit a crime. Raymond Hall, a Lansing police lieutenant, says that this “puts the general public in danger, not to mention officers that come in contact with the felons” (qtd.in.Snell 1A). Since an error proof system would be nearly impossible, there is no way to ensure that this will not continue to happen.