The Contributions Of Henry L. Gantt To Early Management Thought

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Near the turn of the century, Frederick Taylor began his detailed studies of workplace operations of employees. He applied scientific reasoning to work by showing that labor can be analyzed and improved by focusing on its elementary parts.

Henry L. Gantt was Taylor's associate and he felt that a business was an integral part of a larger community system and the mission, goals and means the enterprise employs to achieve its objectives must be firmly rooted in the needs of society.

He felt that the enterprise, as part of the community, has a social responsibility that it requires it to integrate the interests of society with those of the firm. It was his view that the firm would not succeed over the long term without adhering to this basic concept of service.

It is interesting to note that Gantt argued his position from the point of industrial efficiency being in the long-term interest of business itself. He felt the firm must be an efficient and low cost provider of what society needs

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