A Spanking Hard Question

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For this sociological analysis paper when I use the terms corporal punishment or spanking, I am using them as one and same. Now we must define these ideas and to do so I am going to use Elizabeth Gershoff's definition of corporal punishment: "Corporal punishment is the use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain but not injury for the purposes of correction or control of the child's behavior  This sets the context in which the question is asked. Should parents be for or against spanking/ corporal punishment?

What got me started on this assignment was an article I had read a little while back which caught my eye. Its headline reads "Spanking can cause long-term harm  with the sub-heading "Study: Risks outweigh any benefit of instant obedience.  After reading through the report it immediately came to mind that corporal punishment was a social norm in its own right but not so clear and cut about how widely accepted it was. Then I thought about the points brought up and how I could apply them to my own life and experiences. Basically, the article is a brief report about a certain Elizabeth Gershoff who has recently taken it upon herself to und

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