American Women In The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War is one of the most debated topics of the twentieth century ”this is reflected in the endless amount of books, articles, documentaries, and Hollywood productions that have emerged about the topic. Much of the historiography of the conflict, as well as mainstream popular literature on the war, all share a disturbing omission ”very few include any thoughtful reflection whatsoever on the role that American women served in Vietnam. There are very few works devoted to this important part of women's history, and the ones that exist are primary sources ”mostly collections of personal narratives of those women who served. Hardly any scholarly work done on the topic- most secondary sources that are available are not by professional historians. Scholarly articles were practically non-existent in history journals ”most appeared in nursing journals and focused more on the medical aspects. Most general books and texts on the Vietnam War (including Moss' Vietnam, An American Ordeal, Fourth Edition) gloss over, if not skip entirely, the role of women in Vietnam.

So why have historians not chose to look at this topic in greater detail, especially since there have been multiple studies on wome

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