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Authority, empowerment, decision-making, coordination is no doubt the topic that will be discussed in detail. Articles, books, journals, seminars etc are all offering the practicing mangers ideas but no one can really tell what the above mentioned words are, how it can be put into practice. In this essay I attempt to define what the above mentions terms can be assessed as. Also, in this essay will be the discussion on the theories of Herbert A. Simon and then explain what Robert C. Ford and Myron D. Fottler wanted to point out. Subsequent to this, my views on both of the articles will be given.

Robert C. Simon says that authority is one of the most important approaches towards influence as it monitors the behavior of any individuals of any organizations from the outside environment. Authority is defined as the power to make decision, which guides the actions of another, in other words, a typical relationship between superiors and subordinates. The superior constructs and corresponds the orders to the subordinate with the expectations of its fulfillment. Therefore authorities are purely based on behavioral views, the superiors behavior for the subordinate is looked upon a single decision for which for him or her there is no alternat

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