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Some people prefer to spend most of their time alone. Others

            Everyone has different friends in his or her life. Some people spend their spare time with their friends, and others simply enjoy being alone. For me, I prefer to spend most of my free time alone.
             I like spending my time doing something that I really want to do. After work, I may feel a little tired to go out with my friends so instead, I usually sit in front of my computer to surf the net, talk with people from different places or view the latest news from various websites. Not only does Internet technology enrich people¡¯s leisure-time, but also offer a way for people to obtain vast amounts of knowledge and information. Sometimes, I also read novels, listen to music or watch TV with my family. Staying home helps relieve the stress I get from my day job. .
             Moreover, sometimes my friends cannot afford spending time with me. After we graduated from school, we all have different jobs and our own private lives. Stress from work and society forces us to study further, and at the same time, social business obligations also rob us of precious time. Certainly, during extended holidays or vacations, we party, chat and share interesting stories together; however, we all cannot offer as much time to be together like before. .
             All in all, it is natural to want to be with other people, but life is totally different after graduation. I spend most of my time reading, writing, surfing or studying, which is far more valuable to me in the long run. .

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