Beatles Invasion

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In 1964, the world's greatest rock and roll band invaded the United States. They are known as The Beatles. The Beatles stormed the U.S. charts and proceeded to make music history and become famous worldwide.(Eder 1) The Beatles are the most famous musicians in the world, and 1964 was their invasion into the United States.

The single, "I Want To Hold Your Hand,  was the Beatles' first domestically released single.(Beatles 2) Capitol Records released it on an independent label.(Eder 3) Shortly after its release to the public on December 26, 1963, it was a number one request for many young teenagers on the radio, according to the Billboard Music Charts. It would only be two months after this that the Beatles would be appearing before a nation wide audience on The Ed Sullivan show.(Eder 3)

The Ed Sullivan show appearance would not be the first, however. The Beatles drew seventy million vi

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