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Boy Scouts (eagle)

            For almost a century the Boy Scouts of America has been a non-profit organization geared to the well being of boys and their families. A countless number of boys have gone through the program to become well respected and admired men in society. Over the past couple of years the Boy Scouts have been tested over and over to whether or not they are a beneficial organization to the public. The BSA deserves the respect and the support from the public for all that it does, such as but not limited to community service, helping boys become respected men, and giving father and son relationship another avenue to prosper.
             The amount of community service that the BSA is involved with is among the highest of any other program. For instance, in order for a boy to achieve his Eagle Scout rank he must first plan, develop, and create something, for example a kiosk or picnic tables, for another non profit organization or a park. Others services include trash pickups, beach sweeps, old folks home visits, and tons of others. The Boy Scouts base themselves on the idea that helping is one of the best things a person can do for another. Remember the Scout Motto, "Always do a good turn daily.".
             How many of our political leaders and what some call heroes are in fact Eagle Scouts or were scouts at one time? The first American to orbit the earth, John Glenn, is in fact an Eagle. Not to mention the first two men the walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, are also Eagle Scouts. And many of our nation's presidents were scouts at one time or another. Stephen Spielberg, a famous director is also an Eagle Scout. Wherever we look we can find many of our most productive and respected men have in fact been involved with the Boy Scouts. .
             In many cases the fathers of boys that wish to become scouts will likely also get involved with the program as the adult leaders. This gives the two of them an opportunity to explore different interest together.

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