Can The Use Of Linguistic Power Persuade Us?

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Can the Use of Linguistic Power Persuade Us?

Which style of languages do we use to persuade someone? Do we speak with more assertiveness and confidence in our tone of voice? Do we communicate with our body language? Do we tend to pay more attention to the opposite sex addressing the message? The key thing that studies have shown is that individuals are persuaded more by powerful style of speaking. Powerful style of speaking is the absence of hesitations (e.g.,um ¦), hedges (e.g., I kinda think ¦), and tag questions (e.g., right? ¦OK?). In other words, the speaker is competent, has credibility, and speaks authoritatively. The following study by Thomas Holtgraves and Benjamin Lasky in 1999 discusses the methods and the results of whether linguistic power might have any effect on persuasion.

The purpose of the research was to examine the role of linguistic power

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