A Beautiful Day for a Barbecue

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The sun was shinning through the open windows illuminating the ranch style home with a cheerful brightness. A warm yet gentle breeze was filtering through the house, bringing with it an aromatherapy that filled the air with a soothing scent of blooming flowers and freshly cut grass. It was a Saturday afternoon in July of 2000; it was a glorious summer day in a quaint residential neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. It truly is a beautiful day to have a barbecue, Scott Smith thought to himself, as he gazed through his front window while he patiently waited for his friend Jim to arrive. Scott was invited to attend a barbecue this afternoon at the home of his close friends Jim and Amy, a married couple he was very fond of. They were very good old friends and a bit overprotective of Scott too. Although unnecessary, Jim was always insistent on driving Scott wherever he needed to go. Meanwhile, as he waited for Jim, Scott found himself in a trans-like state looking through the window watching his next-door neighbors busy at work in their yard. The husband was cutting the grass while his wife prepared the grill for barbecuing. He watched as their young children pleasantly giggled and played outd

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