Clemson Football A Synonym For The Nature Of The World

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The nature of the world that we live in is hard to define in one word or a group of words. It is a constantly changing world that we live in, much like one's opinion of the nature of the world is constantly changing. In order to clarify this an example is in order. Everyone has a friend named Lisa, so let's pretend that our good friend Lisa has just won the lottery. Lisa is ecstatic, and who can blame her? Her outlook on the nature of the world is one that could only be stated as perfect. She feels great. She might even feel that she deserved to win the lottery. With this new outlook on life, Lisa decides to take her newfound wealth and invest it in the stock market. Unfortunately, she made poor investments, and within a few months time she losses everything. Poor Lisa. Not only is she broke, but she now believes that the nature of the world is horrible. As juvenile as this example is the same principle could be applied to any event be it great or small in nature. This example also shows how erratic the nature of the world that we live in really is. One single event can change the nature of the world, just like one decision by one person can change the natu

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