College Pressures

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"College Pressures  by William Zinsser is a prefect example of what college students go through everyday. Zinsser categorized the pressures of college into four different classes and gave examples of each. He named them as to be economic pressures, parental pressures, peer pressures, and self-induced pressures; but those are just a glimpse of the topics that plague college students of today. I myself will be discussing the pressures of students in three classes, which are: Junior college students, university students, and private college students. They will be discussed on the points of: major pressure, professor pressure, new environment pressure, first-day pressure, and job pressure.

The atmosphere is sort of different when it comes to junior college pressures. The pressure to chose a major is not as technical unless one is thinking of transferring to a university or private college, because at a junior college one can take two years of general classes receive an AA degree and be just as successful as the next man. The pressure on students from professors is not as bad since they are more in touch with their students because of smaller classes and reasonable offi

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