“Black Men and Public Space”: A Summary and Discussion

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In "Black Men and Public Space,  Brent Staples provides examples from a ten-year period of how he became aware of the effect of his presence as a black male on others in public. In the opening sentence, Staples uses the phrase "first victim" (384) to set the tone of the essay, an ironic way to begin an essay that will later prove he is, in fact, the victim of discrimination. Continuing in the first paragraph, he describes his attempts to maintain a "discreet, uninflammatory distance  (384) between himself while he was a graduate student and a white woman on a deserted street in Chicago. As the woman ran away from him, he states that he felt like "an accomplice in tyranny  (385) in his first encounter. He describes the displeasure he feels that he was "indistinguishable from the muggers  (385). His first year away from his hometown opens his eyes to "the languag

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