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Curleys Wife Of Mice And Men

Curley's wife is an unnamed character in the book of Mice & Men.

Her appearance is more of a show girl image. She is described in chapter 2,

page 32 as having full rouge lips, wide spaced eyes, heavily mad up. Her finger

nails were real, her hair hung in little rolled clusters like sausages. She wore a

cotton house dress and red mules on the insteps of which were little bouquets

On page 81,chaper 4, there is another good description of her when she enters

the bunk house and asks "any of you boys seen Curly?  . ˜Her face was heavily

mad up. Her lips were slightly parted. She breathed strongly, at though she

had been running, with an appearance that did not suit her surroundings'.

She is called by different names such as Loo Loo (page 56) by the other men.

occasions she is called rat trap (page 36), tart (pages 31, 32 and 105), good

(page 35), girl (page 40,85 and 100), jail bait (page 57), bitch (page 35 and 90),

Curley's wife lived in the Salinas when she was a kid. She then met an actor who said

she could be in a show but her mother wouldn't let her, because she was too young.

She also met another guy who promised her a place in the movies because she was a

˜natural'. He said he would write her a letter from Hollywood but it never came.

Curley's wife thought her mother had stolen it (Page 93 & 94). She never made it in

the movies but she still hoped to before she died (Lennie killed her).

Curley and his wife have recently got married. His wife is discontent and doesn't really

like Curley. She wants to be accepted and have more friends, so she flirts with the

workers. She has a very split personality. She threatens Crooks when he annoys her.

She is kind to Lennie and opens up her

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