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Diet Analysis

            The ideas of nutrition and health are a vital part of everyones life and too many people ignore this fact. Students will learn and be able to apply this knowledge for a life time in everyday situations. Every one should want to be educated of the ideas of nutrition and health, that is why it is part of a well rounded curriculum. As a student, I have been confronted with the challenge of figuring out just how healthy I am. With the help of a computer program I will be able to compare my source of calories to the recommended diet according to the dietary goals, discuss carbohydrate intake, and comment on my dietary fiber intake. .
             My results are as follows in table 1. .
             Table 1.
             My calculated percentages of the three groups (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) did not seem to far off of the recommended diet percentages. There are two main concerns that I have about my percentages compared to the recommended diet values, and they would be that my fat is too high and that two percent is missing to make my total one hundred percent. The two percent not being taken account for is alcohol that I had consumed through out the three days. I can change my diet by reducing my alcohol intake and by reducing my fat intake which would hopefully in crease my protein and carbohydrate intakes. It is important for me to change my diet because alcohol can only cause harm to my body and fat can be the most dangerous of the three groups to have excess of. The fat and alcohol can catch up to me and cause future health problems.
             By taking a look at table 2.
             Table 2.
             An adjustment that I may make would be to decrease my simple carbohydrates which contain more sugar, and increase complex carbohydrates which include more starch. Another way of putting it is to say less sweets except for fruit and more vegetables on a continuous bases. .
             As noted in my results, my fiber intake was below the recommended amount which is a signal to me that I may not be getting a balanced diet.