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How Ditching Took Over, and How I Took Over Ditching

Whenever I am opening my locker and getting out my books, I see my S.A.R.B. contract that I signed not to long ago saying that I wouldn't ditch anymore, and it reminds me of my problem at the beginning of the year. Earlier in the year I ditched at least one class a day, that's pretty sad when a student only has three classes a day. In my essay I will describe to you a day at the beginning of the year, a day of school now, how I overcame my problem, and how I plan to act in the future.

In the begging of the year I had four classes, because I had a tutorial. I would almost always ditch my tutorial class. Then, when the bell would ring I would go to my locker and get my books for my next class. At the time, I had plenty of friends that had cars, so it was eas

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