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A Quality Of A Friend

            Being an industrious person is my friend Nikki’s best quality. Working hard is a quality that can result in becoming a success at whatever someone does. There are three common places to work hard: school, church and work; Nikki seems to work hard as an ant in all three areas of performance.
             School is one of Nikki’s top priorities in life. Nikki is at school everyday; not only is she their, but she is their to learn. She works hard to get good grades to reach her educational goals. She takes very well organized notes and asks for help so she can understand her assignments. She knows that understanding her work may help her in future task. Equally important, she does all her assignments invariably; she never hands in work late. There is no need for her to do any extra credit work because she gets all the credit she deserves. As a result Nikki has become a very successful student in school.
             In addition to school Nikki is also hard working at church. Nikki teaches the youth bible classes. In these classes Nikki teaches young boys and girls, how to become mature men and woman of God. She also stays at the church on Sunday to help clean and beautify the sanctuary. In addition Nikki donates food and clothing for less fortunate families of the church. Nikki does all of that work for no pay or recognition. As a result Nikki has become a great woman of God.
             In order for Nikki to be able to have the money for school and church she must have good performance at work. When Nikki is at work she completes all of her daily task. She is never late to her work place. She always arrives early so she can prepare for the day. When at work she doesn’t wait for instruction from her boss; she just does what needs to be done. She’s always going over the limit of her assigned task. As a result: Nikki has been voted employee of the month three consecutive times, she has gotten two raises and she is now a district manager.