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Drugs And Youngs Kids

            Drugs and guns are a major problem in our society today. Drugs are more popular than ever with the “juveniles”. And these days you can buy a handgun on about every corner. This is a very serious problem that kids and everyone faces in life today, peer pressure is the leading cause of kids doing drugs and the kids that think they need a gun are gang influenced.
             How are drugs and guns destroying teens today? Drugs are ruining thousands of kids life’s everyday. The thing kids don’t realize is the affects of drugs. It is a proven fact that kids who do drugs do moor poorly in school and on standardized tests. It is also harmful to there body and kills the very important brain cell and can even cause brain damage. Most kids get started in drugs because of peer pressure and they think there cool if they do it. Kids feel the need to have a gun for protection the local law enforcement isn’t giving so they feel the need to take the law into there own hands.
             Are teens to rebellious for there own good? I don’t think kids are scared of getting caught. The practices put in place by the law enforcement does not strike fear into teens like they think it does. The kids see it as a game of not getting caught and they like playing it. Most kids if caught don’t really care once they pay the fine they can go buy more of what ever they were doing and keep doing it. The kids that carry around a gun probably has a very elated ego just because of the fact that they feel like nothing can stop them. And handgun enforcement laws on hurt the law-abiding citizen and very few if any criminals ever feel the wrath of law.
             Do the statistics portray an honest picture of the situation? NO, I think the figures that I have looked at a way to low. Law enforcement is all happy about their figures saying that fewer teens are doing drugs but that is only the ones that get caught and does not at all determine how many kids are doing it.