Battle Of Badr

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The battle of Badr may have been no more than a skirmish by the standards of war such as humankind has engaged in. However in its symbolism and potential significance for the survival of Islam, it is clearly one of the most important battles in Muslim history. This battle, the first ever fought by Muslims, took place two years after the Migration to Medina, at Badr (wells of Badr). Muslims in Medina received intelligence reports that the Quraysh were preparing to launch a major attack on them with the intent of wiping them out permanently. Quraysh had been preparing for a confrontation with Muslims for a long time. They felt that this was the opportune time to destroy the Muslims while they are still weak, and they set out to do so with a well-equipped force of a thousand men, hundreds of them on horses. The two forces camped out at Badr. When they met the battle surprisingly resulted in an overwhelming victory for the much smaller and poorly equipped Muslim force over the Quraysh. In retrospect, it is easy to see why Muslims won so decisively. The Muslims were clearly highly motivated and well disciplined. The Quraysh, in contrast, were divided amongst themselves and their motivation was e

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