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            Etiquette Rule #1- “Hey, baby!” is not the way to get our attention.
             Men have a tendency to try to attract a girl’s attention that they may find attractive while walking down the street. Whistling, cat calling, and all other forms or trying to get their attention, except to say a simple “hello”, is uncalled for and not appreciated. At all times should men remember, to make these comments is seen as rude, and are degrading to all women. .
             Etiquette Rule #2- Please, women wearing short skirts, do not bend over.
             While short skirts are very cute, and look nice, the general public does not need to see your undergarments. If wearing a short skirt, instead of bending over to pick something up, slowly bend your knees and go down as if you were sitting. Or even, better yet, have someone else pick it up for you. It is generally not appreciated to be walking down a hallway and see ladies underwear. Not only is it uncomfortable for the people around you, but also shows a lack of respect for them as well as yourself.
             Etiquette Rule #3- Passing gas and burping is really not cute.
             Girl, or guy, burping and farting is really not the way to turn people on to you. To see a public display of these private bodily functions only makes you look like a child who does not know any better. It is seen as rude, and frankly, disgusting. If the time comes where you feel no matter what you do it is going to come out, politely excuse yourself from your company, let it pass and then return. No one likes to hear, smell or see these things. They should be kept to you, at all times. If it pops out, just apologize to everyone. Do not act as if it did not happened, because, well it did. .
             Etiquette Rule #4-Teenagers and children should respect their elders.
             No matter how much you might dislike it, your elders are your elders. Whether the age difference is 5 years or 50 years, they have lived longer, and probably do know more than you do.

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