Existence Of God And The Problem Of Evil

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Existence of God and the Problem of Evil

Throughout history atheists and theist alike, have argued to disprove or prove the existence of God. The atheist stands behind the argument that there is no way a supremely good God could allow evil to exist in our world because God allowing such evil to exist is converse to the character that theist have depicted God to be. Therefore, theists have found themselves defending the existence of God by responding to the question of how a wholly, good God could allow evil to exist. Atheists bring up two very important points when trying to disprove God's existence. The first is divided into two sections: the presence of moral evil and the presence of natural evil. The second point is that if God gave us free will, why couldn't He make us choose the good over the evil? All of the atheist's points can be answered by two obvious rebuttals. The first and most important is the free will defense. The second is that evil is necessary in order for free will and good to exist.

Atheists have argued that if moral evil exists then God is the culprit behind it. Their basis for this argument stems from the fact that God created us therefore he should not allow us to create/commit

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