Formal Proposal

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Succeeding in today's highly competitive business environment would be the main objective of our corporation. There are many steps a firm must take upon reaching its goals of minimizing costs, and maximizing profits. But in order to achieve these goals a firm must also increase its worker's productivity. Productivity includes fast and flawless connection to the Internet, quick and easy transfer of information and paperless environment. Employees should receive documents and faxes within seconds rather than waiting for them. Employees should not wait hours for their e-mails to open up every morning when they come to work, not they have to wait for their documents to be printed on the shared printer. Employees should even have the option of checking their e-mails from remote locations, and attach documents without size limitations. All this will be possible with new mail server and fast connections. Our corporation currently has 230 employees who have their own workstations in their offices. By talking to the department directors, I found out that they expect the departments to grow 40% within the next two years. Therefore, within two years our corporation would have approximately 320 computer

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