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As I sat on my couch talking to Ivan, one of my best friends ever, I started

thinking about all the different kinds of friends you can have. I remember how I got

along with each one, how I felt talking to each type, and how close I wanted to

keep that person. It brought back a lot of memories and people that I went to grade

school and high school with. The reason that there are different types of friends is

because each person has a different idea of what a friend is and what they do for

Friends forever friends, keep close to watch friends, and the kind that you

keep around for just when you need something friends are all there because you

have different needs and you like to have a different person for each need. To get

the feel for each type of person I want you to think of all the different people that

you talk to and have been friends with over the course of your lifetime. After you

have thought of everyone can you tell the difference between each type? Not

everyone can they just instinctively separate the people they meet and the friends

they have without ever thinking about it.

The first type of friend is the friends forever kind they are the ones that from

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