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Physchiatrist report of Amanda Wingfield

            Psychiatrist report on Amanda Wingfield.
             Amanda Wingfield has gone under psychiatric observation. Her psychiatric analysis appears to be of a pensive and worrying individual. .
             Nonetheless, Amanda is a strong woman who has been putting up with the worst-case scenarios a person can face in their life. Her husband has abandoned her and their children. She has to live with the fact that her son, Tom could turn out a drunkard and also her daughter, Laura who in life may not achieve much because of her shyness. Amanda is a strong human being even though her family life as well as her own is not much one would thank for.
             Amanda constantly repeats of her only true accomplishment to this day. This is of the time she had seventeen gentlemen callers in one day while she was living in Blue Mountain. This story Amanda brings out repeatedly has conveyed the fact that she is an insecure and a self-centred woman. This is the wall keeping her from accomplishing other wonderful things. She is seeking too much comfort from this past accomplishment, which I believe she needs to let go of. I think one of the many reasons that she is holding on to this past history is because she needs her children to be proud of their mother. Amanda needs to release her grip on this past and move on. .
             Amanda’s personality reflects a domineering character. She cannot refrain herself from making decisions for her two children. Her many ways of motherly love, sometimes seems too much for any person. At one time she demands Tom to chew his food properly. This sort of attachment to a certain individual results in many bitter arguments. This is Amanda’s weakness. It is her weakness of not being able to let her children live their own lives. Her daughter, Laura seems to be the shy type but Laura herself knows when one does not have a chance at something. In her case she is not able to find gentlemen callers. However, Amanda cannot help but interfere and live in denial about it.