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General Pychology

            - ongoing process which occurs overtime moderly.sequences which hepl living things to cope w/their envir.
             1.physical, 2.intell 3. Emotional 4. Social.
             Emotional dev. Freud.
             Oral (birth-2) anal (2-4) phalic (4-6) latency (6-12) Genital (12 + ).
             1. ID- pleasure drive.
             Limitations r- self centered,.knowing nothing about reality.
             Ego is formed by 1 or 2 (personality strcter) from ID.
             Libido-sexual energy. Almost all Labidos are in infant Ids. Sometines during the 1st yr. Labido is taken from ID to form egos.
             The ego will not let the ID get its way.until ego test out reality.
             An ego controls ID, and gets infants to touch reality.
             Engenious zones ¡V pleasure center of the first 2 yrs are in the mouth and oral activitys.most labidos r in sucking.the labidos travel thru mouth to anus.
             2. Anal period- toinlet training.child wants to go in the pants cause it feels so good¡K.
             It then leaves from anus to penis or clitoris.
             3. Phalic- to touch themselves. (oedipus complex.boys want to do their mom and kill dad) (electra complex girls want to do dad and kill dad).
             Ego defense- they want to do theses things but their too scared too.
             Identification- child wants to be like parent of same sex.
             Superego- concous.moral/values¡Kthe child understands the values and morals of their parents.
             Freud says that the child doesn¡¦t do bad cause they will feel guilty.
             4. Latency- no eroginal zones (no pleasure center) 1. school and 2. Friends.
             5. Genital period- major pleasure center¡Ksexual intercourse.
             Develpoment pych. A. freud (emotional) ¡K. B. dr. Haim Ginnott (raising emotionally healthy children.
             He wrote ¡§how to raise a child¡¨ ¡K¡§love vat¡¨ the words action and tone is how a parent raises a child.
             Self image determines wht we feel in life.
             Princliples of raising a child psy. Well.
             Don¡¦t call child abusive names. Haim says that when a parent curses it¡¦s a distruction express of anger.(personal attack.the child will feel unloved).