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Ageing Population

            Since early 20th century, the population of the United States of America keeps on growing and growing. The numbers reach from millions to billions and billions. The increase in aging population is bolting as days come about. Around the world, the population of older persons is growing by 2 per cent each year, which is considerably faster than the population as a whole. The older population is expected to continue growing more rapidly than other age groups for at least the next 25 years. (United Nations Population Division) One reason that the aging population is skyrocketing so high are because the baby boom, which occurred during the World War 2, which the birthrate increased so high because the thought of losing many individuals in the war. Also today people are waiting longer than in the past to have children and on average having less children. This means that younger segments of the population is shrinking and while the younger era of kids is shrinking, the baby boomers from World War 2 are continuing to age. (Curran, Renzetti, pg. 269) Another reason the aging society in the United States has increased is the new technological advances with medicine and health care.
             Oldest members of society usually have the greatest wealth and prestige and have the greatest political power, but yet with new technology it makes it harder for elders and forces them into retirement. (Curran, Renzetti, pg. 274) The modern industries with new technology are most effected with the elderly because it takes retraining and more skills which puts the elderly into retirement. While the elderly retire, it creates more jobs for the younger generation of people and helps the economy out tremendously. Elderly have many other impacts such as education, politics and wealth. 85% of the people age 55 and up and reported to graduate high school in 1998 but of the 55.6 million of them, 5.6 million of them were really poor and lived in poverty.