Energy Crisis

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Currently, the United States is experiencing an energy crisis. Gas prices have skyrocketed, reaching the highest prices in decades. It is obvious that America cannot drill itself out of this dilemma. In the midst of this energy crisis, it is every American's duty to do their best to help the United States become less dependent on non-renewable resources. They have an obligation to consider using an alternate energy source. With this in mind, the feasibility of installing various alternate energy systems in an average home in Duchess County, New York will be assessed.

Hydropower has proven to be a very efficient source of energy in the past. It is a very realistic approach for the average home owner. However, there are no water bodies near my house, making hydropower an impossibility.

One possible source of energy for my house is a photovoltaic system. Geographically, New York is not the most ideal place for solar power. With less than five hours of peak sunlight per d

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