Hobbes And Rationality

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One of the earliest thinkers of systematic political thought is Thomas Hobbes, who dealt with the human being as a whole and tried to create one of the first rational accounts of human being. Many authors writing on Hobbes evaluated his conceptualization of human being as a materialistic or mechanistic attempt. However, I think that Hobbes' whole importance in terms of political theory lays in his mathematical (rather than mechanistic) understanding of human being, which sometimes clearly contradicts, with the mechanistic attempts to grasp human motion. In fact he starts from the tiny elements of human thought and tries to reach the most complex actions of human begins, that of ethics. However unlike the previous Aristotelian inner logic, which creates a consistent understanding for each action and object and enables observers to reach the result immediately and definitely, Hobbes proposed a more plain set of premises, which allow us to conceptualize the different paths of human motion and complexity. For instance, where as the Aristotelian system explains the images of object created in huma

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