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How Does The Death Of A Parent Affect A Child

             Losing someone you love through death is one of the most traumatic experiences of anyone ¡ ¦s life, especially if it is a parent. The way a parent ¡ ¦s death affects a child depends on many different things including age, personality, strengths, and how the person died. No matter how it affects a person one thing is always true, the loss of a parent can change you forever.
             The most common effect of any type of death is depression. Depression is an unhappy and painful emotion that is caused by any type of sadness or disappointment. Almost everyone who has lost a loved one has experienced depression at one point or another in the grieving process. Depending on how serious it is depression can have many physical as well as mental side effects.
             Tension, anxiety, and nervousness are some common side effects due to depression. (http://www.healthcentral.com). A more common effect is insomnia. Many people who are depressed go days at a time with out sleep. In many occasions their lack of sleep is due to a feeling of guilt. A lot of people blame death on themselves even though they know it is not their fault. When there is no explanation for something so horrible people start to worry. Most people do not like knowing that they cannot control when they die and when their loves ones die, so when it does happen they blame it on themselves. ¡ §If I only did this ¡ , or ¡ §If I only didn ¡ ¦t do that they might still be alive. ¡ This way of dealing with death can get someone very down on himself or herself. More often than not, the result of this is low self-esteem. (http://search.healthcentral.com/texis.exe).
             A big percent of people of all ages and genders suffer from low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is a mental ¡ §sickness ¡ that makes you feel unworthy of everyone and everything else. Somebody who has low self-esteem always feels like they are not good enough for anything and everyone else is so much more important

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