Internal And External Landscapes

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Many people would agree that the physical world and our personal disposition are completely different. One's personal frame of mind varies from each personality, but the physical world does not change. However, perhaps it is possible that one's outlook can affect their perception of the physical world. Many experiences reflect how one interprets the tangible world. Barry Lopez refers to this as our internal and external landscapes in his short story "Landscape and Narrative . His story follows other storytellers and shows the difference between internal and external landscapes and how they are related.

It was the day before my birthday when my good friend decided to take me to a concert. I am a big fan of music and I was pretty excited to see this band. It was also going to be my first concert at the Sunshine Theatre, and I immediately liked that environment. The way people react emotionally affects how they visualize the theatre. Some people would have despised the dark, old place and the loud speakers ringing in their ears. I, on the other hand, loved everything fr

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