Interview With A Manager

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I interviewed Mark Frederick, a marketing manager at Onvia Inc. A company that helps businesses secures government contracts and government agencies find suppliers online. Mark attended the University of Washington where he earned a degree in History. Soon after graduating, he claimed an entry-level management position at Weyerhaeuser. He needed a job right away because his student loans were about to start collecting, so he took any job that would hire him. From then on forward, Mark realized that management is something he is good at and could do for the rest of his career life. While being a manager was great, there were problems that arose. First, being at such a young age and being a manager was tough when you had 35-45 year olds to manage. He was always looked at as someone with no experience. This major challenge made him resign from his 2-year position and look for another job.

It did not take him long to find one. He became a manager for

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