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            Jazz music is similar to all other types of music yet is still uniquely different. Jazz music seems to be categorized as jazz because of its use of woodwind instruments. Saxophones, trumpets, and flutes seem to be the most utilized instruments in jazz. When thinking of jazz music the things that comes to mind is an older African American male with a throaty voice singing about love, with a bass keeping a steady beat in the background, and long winded saxophone solos. Jazz defined a period in American history, however today’s typical teenager has had very little, if any introduction to it. Jazz music is a form of expression for the composer, like rap and every other type of music. .
             Jazz is typical of all other music because it is a form of expression; it gives a way for the artist to tell the listeners his life. Yet jazz is different of other music because of its instruments and style played. Jazz seems to be a mixture of symphony instruments combined with a soft rock touch. The instruments play a slow consistent beat and seem to tell a story or set a mood. The vocalist sings a short story about life and its incidences often followed by the seemingly speaking instruments. The first time I heard an instrumental solo in jazz I immediately thought of Jimi Hendrix playing the star spangled banner at the first Woodstock, and how the guitar seemed to so clearly speak the words of the song. Jazz instruments seem to tell the mood and story so well that they would not be any clearer if the words were actually written in English. .
             The best jazz song I have had the pleasure of listening to is by Duke Ellington and is called “Don’t get around much anymore.” In this song Duke sings about how his girlfriend broke up with him and how he no longer enjoys the things he used to. This to me is a timeless classic, no matter what the day and age there will always be heartbreaks and the words in this song describe the pain felt with intensity and precision.