John Updike's Separating

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There were many different aspects of John Updike's "Separating  that I enjoyed. The focus on what a modern day family is like, the character development of Richard, and the reversal of male and female stereotypes to name a few. However, I decided to focus my paper on the three different conflicts Richard, the protagonist of the story, encounters.

The first conflict is between Richard and his wife Joan. Their marriage has been falling apart and they don't seem to even enjoy each other's company anymore. The whole basis of the story is around this couple's separation. It is never made clear the exact reason for the dissolution of the marriage. IT is hinted that Richard might have been having an affair. But, whatever the reason, it is made known that it is Richard's decision to leave. After the blowout at the dinner table, where three out of the four children learn about the separation, Joan says that "it really wasn't fair. It's your idea, and

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