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Knowing Oneself

             Some people can understand a part of themselves in the span of their lifetime. Most are totally clueless of which they are. It is a gift if one is able to unravel the mystery of his persona. I consider myself lucky that I have an idea of who I am. Being myself can be both fulfilling and stressful because each of my traits has its good and bad effects.
             Being hyperactive is a big plus but it also has its drawbacks. To some people, hyper activeness means being friendly but to some it means chaos. When a hyperactive person talks to someone, he makes him or her laugh or get amused, the others get annoyed. This trait of mine made me acquire a lot of friends but some feel different on how I act. Maybe they’re just jealous. .
             Having an open mind makes everything much better. People find it easier to approach you and open up their feelings. It also makes relationships easier to handle. Another outcome would be learning various things through other people. On the other hand, this trait can also pull one down. Numerous people don’t appreciate open-mindedness. They think that open-minded people are load and vulgar.
             Creativity is a factor of success. One can achieve a goal effortlessly if one is creative in their works. Many people are recognized because of their unique style and manner of doing things. However, envious people get in the way. It is a blessing to have talents and creativity. These people pull the ones on top just to get even.
             One of my bad traits is being irritated easily in certain situations. Sometimes I get annoyed easily and get mad. A sudden burst of rage fills me and this overwhelms me. This causes me to shout, be cranky and at times quiet. I know that this is bad but it is hard to control. Once you’re like that, it stays in your system. Some are turned off because of this unlikable characteristic but I try to explain that I just had a hot head that time.
             Lastly, being handsome is a piece of good fortune.

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