Look At Successful Women Executives

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A Look at Successful Women Executives

Many executive women are leaving corporations to start their own businesses. This corporate exodus among women is happening at a rate double the national average. A survey of 800 female and male business owners looked to determine the reasons behind the trend. Among women, glass ceiling issues, feeling unchallenged, and the desire for more flexibility were the top reasons for leaving. In addition, the persistent wage gap, stereotypes about women being less committed to work because of family responsibilities, and the demand that employees spend significant time in the office, were key things that drove women away from corporations. Several companies have been concerned about this brain drain, which negatively affects the health of the organization. Women are seeking a chance and they are taking it. The number of qualified women for these management jobs has increased steadily as more women accumulate experience and education. A survey of 325 CEOs and 461 women at the levels of vice president and higher found that female executives identified three factors most critical to their advancement: consistently exceeding performance expectations, developing a style with which male managers are comfortable

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