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Lightning is a very powerful force of nature that can strike anything at any time. Not only can lightning injure someone very badly, but it may also kill someone because of its intense electric force. A golf course has many dangerous elements that make it a primary target for lightning strikes. Golfers are aware of this danger and have a great deal of knowledge about the proper precautions that they should take during a storm. I am a golfer that has run into many situations where I have had to rely on my knowledge about lightning to react and escape from its danger. When people are on the golf course they are in one of the most dangerous spots to be when lightning approaches. Places that have great danger are areas such as, open spaces, big tall trees, big lakes and many more objects that attract lightning. You are also in great danger when you are riding in the golf cart because there are practically lightning rods on the back of your golf cart. The place with the best protection is very thick underbrush, which is the least vulnerable place to be struck from a tremendous streak of lightning. Not only do golfers have to know how to avoid lightning but also the realness of lightning and the damage it may cause. Warning labels about lightning are all over golf carts, pro shops, and even their umbrella may give information on lightning safety, all of these surround golfers. Golfers also receive help from the golf course because when there is a storm in the area that contains lightning in it, a siren will be sounded that is meant to cease play. Even with all of these safety precautions that are provided to golfers, some still do not listen. I too have run into a lightning storm where I had to recall my knowledge about it to try and survive. While walking down the middle of the fairway one after noon, all of a sudden I looked up and saw a huge black cloud that looked like as though darkness had fallen over me. After seeing this I

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