Does Anthony Giddens overstate the power of globalisation in

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Over the past few years we have witnessed a growing debate over the process of globalisation that is taking place the world over, and we have also witnessed the manifold responses to globalisation. There are two aspects to the debate of globalisation. Supporters of globalisation may defy the process as bringing a new era of unrivalled freedom, creativity and prosperity. International institutions, most economists generally, most politicians and business leaders consider globalisation as, on balance, positive, contributing to economic growth and development worldwide. Those opposing globalisation include special interest groups seeing themselves or their interests adversely affected ”trade unionists in traditional industries, businesses facing tough import competition from developing countries, environmentalists and some development interests. Opponents also include a wider group who see globalisation as causing most of the problems of the world ”increasing economic insecurity and inequality, threats to the welfare state, homogenising consumer tastes, damage to the global environment, increased power of exploitative multinationals, and the undermining of sovereignty, national independence, identity and democratic processes.

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