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Since the beginning of our existence, people have been faced with psychological disorders. As with most of human ailments we at first did not know how to cope or fix them. In the beginning, people with psychological disorders, thought to be possessed by demons, usually were locked away. As our civilization progressed, we made technological and medical advances and started to develop ways of treating these problems. At one point in time, psychologists used their mental patients, whom they did not know what to do with, as guinea pigs for crude experiments. Eventually, after years of failed and sometimes horrific mishaps our civilization has created medication for just about every type of psychological disorder. There are the occasions in which this type of medicine is beneficial. However, the catastrophic side effects that occur when they are not prescribed properly are often ignored. The misuse of these psychotherapeutic drugs is what I will be discussing in my paper.

In most cases, it is seen as a God sent pill that gives many people with psychological disorders a chance to live a normal life. Nevertheless, what if a person is misdiagnosed and therefore prescribed the wrong type

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